A company description is usually a great way to show-off our company’s strengths. Our revenue and business strategy, probably a quote from our CEO. With a sauce of buzzwords like “dynamic”, “no-nonsense”, “value driven” and “flat structure”. That’s one way to give you a flavour of our company culture… However that’s not really our style. So we’ll try to do it our way:  
delaware is a great place to work; just ask one of our 1,700 delawarians who enjoy work each and every day. We have Belgian roots but expanded our activities to 13 countries and 26 offices in the world (not bad for us “little” Belgians, right?).

We're passionate about combining technology and business. We don’t use technology for the  sake of technology: It's the way we help people and companies to do what they love doing, but in the most efficient way. How exactly?
Digital | Mobile & Web development | Cloud | ERP | Software development | Operations | IoT | Infrastructure & security | Data analytics

We’re on top of innovations and that’s just one of the things we #peopleofdelaware like in our daily job. What about you? Whether you’re interested in software development, business processes or data analytics, we’re sure that you will love working here too!

The combination of all of this, makes delaware a unique place to work. It’s what makes us different! But enough about us… we’re eager to get to know YOU and discover what makes YOU different!