A lot of companies do IT consulting – but what does it really mean? At delaware it means that we analyse business issues and needs of our clients and solve them by building and implementing an IT system. We don't do technology for the sake of technology: we innovate and optimize business processes related to for instance finance, operations, supply chain, HR or data. Do you have to be an expert in IT to start as a consultant here? No, definitely not, as a functional consultant you will focus on the business side of things. However, at delaware we live and breath IT, so an interest in technology is a big plus. Not sure where you see yourself exactly? No problem, our recruiters help you along the way to find your perfect fit.

The #peopleofdelaware are a mixed bunch of extraverts, introverts, entrepreneurs, communicators and of course, IT geeks. We are famous for our 'koffiekoeken' on Monday 😉 but most of all for our care, respect and commitment to our colleagues, clients and delaware as a company.
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