After 25 years of experience in Business Integration Software, of which 8 years in Embedded Software devices, we focus on the integration of Electronic embedded devices used in IoT to the Big Data Business Integration world.
We have a "TEAL" organizational model based on the self-steering principles (no bosses) with a top priority in fixing any system to improve the happiness of the people working on a product. We work and live by the motto: "GREAT SYSTEMS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPIER TO CREATE EXCEPTIONAL THINGS!"
We apply SCRUM AGILE methodologies in our day to day operations.
We are looking for new colleagues who are passionate about technology and in particular about embedded systems, IoT and quality.
Working with embedded systems, you should be familiar with systems programming languages like C and C++. You are eager to learn about new platforms, I/O technology & operating systems.
Our passion is to improve the quality of systems; making sure a system is properly developed and tested. Therefore, we would like to help you to improve your skills & knowledge.
Combine those interests & skills with an agile mindset and we're good to go. That agile stuff is not a buzz word for us by the way. It means openness to new experiences, welcoming change, partnership with our colleagues and customers, continuously improving and much more.

Our focus region is between ANTWERP, LEUVEN & HASSELT. Our state of the art MOBILITY PLAN gives you all possible options to reach your destination (during office hours and holidays)!