No one knows exactly how the future will play out. But our aim is to be as prepared
as we possibly can, by having approachable and committed employees that seek
knowledge, are curious, open-minded and who represent different experiences,
perspectives and backgrounds. This drives a culture of diversity, curiosity and
collaboration. The kind of culture we need to master any challenge ahead.
Sweco is Europe’s leading engineering, consultancy and design agency that provides
employment to 16,000 people, including more than 1,000 in Belgium. As a young
professional at Sweco, you will not only shape the cities and communities of the
future, you will shape your own career path as well, according to your capabilities
and ambitions. We are looking for superheroes with special powers in:

• Civil engineering
• Electromechanics
• Electro engineering
• Bio engineering
• Chemistry
• Design and production technology
• Urbanism
• Traffic engineering
• Architecture
• Mechanical engineering
• Energy

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Contact: Lindsey Cerpentier, Recruitment Coordinator
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